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Industrial Cleaning

Wide Range of Services Designed to Complete Your Most Difficult Cleaning Projects

SEYANA is expert in Industrial Cleaning Services. We are using the latest technology and equipment which make us proud for executing successfully various projects.

Hydro Jetting - Liquabraze

  • Hydro-Jetting with water soluble abrasive
  • Remove heavy deposits without destroying Material of Construction (MOC)
  • Requires less cleaning time compared to conventional Hydro-Jetting

3D Tanks & Vessels Cleaning

  • Simple to clean vessels and tanks from inside without entering
  • Comes with 2” (51mm) arms, longer extension up to 3.00 mtr in dia
  • It is safe and gives quicker cleaning
  • Avoids inside scaffolding in vessel and tank
  • Effective cleaning of boilers and furnaces and extra large vessels

2D Pipe Line Cleaning

  • Safe and productive pipe cleaning
  • Removes any type of hard deposits in the pipe very easily
  • Rotates with centralizer for Safe Operations
  • Effective cleaner

Fin Fan Cleaning

  • Cleaning is carried out by foaming system
  • Special detergent is used which avoids damaging delicate fins
  • Enhances the cooling effect

Bundle Pulling

  • Seyana is experienced and fully equipped with the latest equipment for extraction and handling of tube bundles.
  • Effective and efficient
  • Bundle extractor to pull and push back horizontal tube bundles of Heat Exchangers
  • Skilled bundle puller operator

Chemical Cleaning

  • Specially blended detergents, lab tested and specific to each type of location.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe.
  • High volume and low/high pressure pumps for large amount of chemical circulation.
  • Lab facility to determine right chemical solution suitable for the sludge and deposits.
  • No adverse effects to plant equipment and likelihood of injury
  • Shorter plant down time.
  • Safe environmental practices and careful handling / disposal of generated effluent


  • By fill & soak method
  • By circulation method(Water Flushing, degreasing, Acid Cleaning, Passivation and disposal)
  • By Cascade Method
  • By Foam Cleaning
  • By Vapour Phase Cleaning
  • By On Stream Injection

Vacuum Cleaning with the help of Super Suckers For Both Wet and Dry Materials…

  • Extraction of sludge
  • Removal of construction debris
  • Dewatering & drying
  • Emptying of towers, storage tanks, vessels, pipes ,sewage systems and other equipment
  • Separation of spilled oil
  • Assistance in emergency if required
  • Provide high performance and quality assured solution for vacuum cleaning of pipes / vessels and other equipment .
  • Availability of both dry and wet suctions.

Oil Flushing

  • Allows facility and process equipment to run smoothly with minimum interruption from contaminants, fouling and at maximum efficiency.

Air Blowing & Dry Out

  • Used for cleaning and commissioning of new facilities or existing systems, pressure and leak testing, heating and cooling of systems
  • Used for cleaning and commissioning of new facilities or existing systems, pressure and leak testing, heating and cooling of systems

Hydro Testing

  • Hydro testing is the most common way for testing strengths and leaks for pressure vessels such as pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers and fuel tanks.
  • Maintain safety standards and durability of equipment over time
  • Performs with manual/diesel operated test pumps of various capacity as per the requirement.

Effluent Disposal

  • We assess applications for on-site effluent disposal systems and providing solutions accordingly.
  • Chemical Waste generated in Plants and during chemical cleaning will be disposed at approved location by maintaining the specification & norms laid down by the Royal Commission.

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