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Specialized Services

With increasing pressure on businesses to improve performance and raise competitiveness, Industrial applications are under the microscope like never before. Our proven portfolio of Specialized Services can help you achieve these challenging objectives. Seyana delivers fast, more cost-effective and quality work for required services by clients.

Hot Tapping

Technique for connecting to Piping or Vessels, while existing system is operating under pressure.
Quick and safe.
Economical and lower Maintenance cost.


Extremely effective process for removing the hardest coke & scale from furnace tubes.
Flexible polymer pigs with adjustable metal-cleaning stud used; can negotiate short radius elbows and U-Bends obstacles

Line Plugging

Provides an effective shut off to pressurized Pipes & Vessels
Used to isolate system for repairs or modification
Safe and reliable

Pipe Freezing

Temporary pipe isolation
Safe, Reliable and Highly Cost-Effective Method
No need to drain down system

Valve Servicing

Malfunctioning valves lead to increased maintenance repairs cost and overall inefficient plant operation.
Replacing valves is expensive.
To overcome these problems, through our JV, SEYANA offers an integrated solution with Valve Care Package

In-Situ Machining Works

Machined easily in-place, right on your site Save on downtime, headaches and repair Our portable machine tools allow us to drive or fly into most locations to perform In-Situ Machining services such as Flange Facing, Portable Milling, Line Boring, Stud Removal, Pipe Cold Cutting, Boring Applications, Pipe Beveling, In-Line Valve Repair, Portable Milling, Bolt Torquing, Journal Turning etc.

Bolt Torquing & Tensioning

Provides simple & safe method for ensuring controlled tightening and loosening of bolts.
Wrenches able to accommodate torque load of 80,000 Ft – Lbs.

Provide you the Highest Quality Work that Meets your Expectation.

Need a Highly Quality Services for your Industry ?